The team is sponsored by the following companies. All members will receive discounts.

We recognize that family, faith, and education come before dance. With that being said, we expect all members to be dedicated and have proper time management with other school activities. Our team is located internationally, so please know that holidays will be available for you to travel and be home with family. We do expect that dancers be professional, responsible, and respectful in all aspects. If timing conflicts occur, please give us notice to plan according.


1.Each dancer will be required to learn three short routines and perform that night. This routine will consist of jazz technique with hip/hop and pom elements.

2.Each dancer must be able to execute a triple pirouette and must be "working" on quadruple pirouettes.

3.Each dancer must be able to execute a calypso leap, regular jete leaps, and seconde leaps. Each dancer must perform these at an advanced level.

4.Each dancer will be required to present an advanced level turn combination of no less than 4 sets of 8 including fouette turns, ala seconde, other various and creative pirouettes to generic music, demonstrating difficulty and control.

5.Each dancer will also be required to demonstrate flexibility through sitting in a flat split position, panches, extensions, and leg hold turns in order to be considered for the team.

6.Each dancer will have a one on one interview with the judges. Questions will consist of topics like: time management, dedication, previous dance experience, and questions around your bio form.

7. Each dancer will be required to perform a 30 second solo piece showcasing their own skills.

Other items required to try out:
Bio form (will be given to you at try outs)
Two letters of recommendation (optional)

We perform at all home football games, community events, home mens basketball games, travel and perform at The Big East Tournament in Madison Square Garden, The NCAA National Basketball Tournament, and compete in Florida for UDA Collegiate Nationals.

Financial Details:

Around $1700-$3200 a year to be on the team depending if you're on the nationals team or/and underclassman. We try to reuse to items from previous years that new freshmen would need. Fundraisers are available for those who would like that option.


3-4 times a week. Normally practices are 6-9PM during the week and in the morning or afternoons on Sundays. Practices are set in the beginning of the year based around team members school schedules.