TRy outs will be held

may 2nd, 2018 AT VILLANOVA FROM 4PM-11PM


Headshot Photo
Bio Form
​Proof of Acceptance
Recommendation Letters (Optional)


Form fitting shorts and top
Hair down
Jazz shoes and sneakers


4:00PM: Check In and stretch
5:00PM: Technique section (across the floor) and learn short hip hop choreography 
6:00PM: Review dances that were sent to

you via email (must be registered)
6:30PM: Perform routines
7:15PM-10:00PM: Interviews
10:00PM-10:30PM: Decisions made
10:30PM: Team announced on front pavilion door
10:30PM-11:00PM: Team meeting and picture

​Unable to attend try outs? 

​Video submission is now available! Please register for try outs and submit your video to Along with the video, your email will need to include bio form (which will be sent to you after registering), proof of acceptance to Villanova, head shot, and any recommendation letters (optional). From there, you will need to schedule an interview with the coach/judges. 

What to include in video:

Leg hold
Calypso Leap
Side Leap
Switch Leap
Double and Triple turns (Quad or more if able)
A la seconde turns
Skill of your choice
Routine (provided after registering)